New in Enschede: Bunny Tea & More

Discover us at Haverstraatpassage 72, where we make the most delicious Bunny Tea (Bubble Tea) from freshly brewed tea every day. Do you prefer creating your own personalized Bubble Tea D.I.Y. Kit? Choose your preferred topping to enjoy the fun at home! Craving something beyond Bubble Tea? Try our exclusive Bunny Snacks - from chips and Mochi to Cookies and Instant Noodles, we have got you covered!

Looking for the perfect gift? Swing by for the cutest Bunny Gifts for someone else or for yourself. Keychains, chopsticks, Bubble Tea plushies and more gifts can be found at our store.

In our store, you'll find our own Boba (Bubble) machine, where we create the most unique flavors of Boba.

Come, explore, taste and perhaps even help us come up with a unique flavor!

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New at Bunny Tea & More

Starting now, our gift cards are available for purchase, beginning at just 10 euros. They offer the chance to enjoy delicious Bunny Tea, Bunny Snacks, or choose from our range of Bunny Gifts at our store.

Whether you're a devoted Bubble Tea lover or torn between our Bubble Tea and various gifts, our gift cards offer the ultimate solution!

Give your loved ones the joy of selecting from our wide array of offerings. Give a gift that guarantees their enjoyment! The gift card remains valid for a full year.